Is Election Day meaningless?

I don’t like the very idea of early voting and/or voting by absentee ballot just because you don’t want to trouble yourself to do it properly on election day.  

Per Michelle Malkin: We’re seeing a lot of trouble with mentally handicapped and senior citizens whose “votes” are really just the multiple votes of the facilities that are caring for them, all filled out with helpful prompting and no oversight.  As this “vote early” stuff spreads, it’s going to lead to more abuse.

Just go to your polling place on Nov. 4th and vote, dang it!  Voting ahead of time is so encouraged by the Obamacrats because they’re afraid of people learning something devastating before Nov. 4. 

I think it’s a stirring feeling to go to your polling place and do your civic duty.  My guess is that patriots like to vote on Election Day proper and for them “voting early” is like opening Christmas Presents on December 3rd.  Thus, it would make sense that Obama is winning in “early voting” because more of the bulk of his voters are voting early while McCain’s voters will wait til Tuesday.