How Obama Got Elected

Yep, me too.  Everyone else was linking to it today, so count me in.  How Obama Got Elected.

Michelle Malkin states that it’s “stupid people voting,” but that misses the point.  These are people who are almost all high school graduates and half of them are college graduates and many of them read the New York Times, watch the network news, watch CNN, MSNBC, PBS, listen to NPR… and despite this they still did not know some very important facts about Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and they ALL knew the stupidest things about Palin and McCain. 

Why should they be expected to know that Joe Biden was a plagiarist?  Has it been mentioned at all this year on any mainstream news show?  I certainly knew that because I lived through the 1980s, when the fact was such common knowledge that it was joked about on “Growing Pains”!  I still remember it.  One of the Seaver kids cheated at school and the principal noted that the only other kid who copied homework was “little Joey Biden”.  Joe Biden being a plagiarist was a fact known by enough of the audience that it could get an easy laugh.  Now, nobody seems to know it.

But what to make of Barack Obama’s voters?  I can understand Joe Average not knowing some of this stuff, but not even 1% of that sample group could get all 12 of them right… and it’s hardly bragging to note that I could have aced these questions with ease.  You can criticize that sampling.  Maybe a “more fair” sample (assuming this sample was bad just for the sake of argument) could have done better.  But does anyone think this polling sample by Zogby could be so far off that Obama’s voters should be getting most of these right?  And does anyone think that if Zogby did the same to McCain’s voters it would be anything close to only .5% of them being able to get all of them right?

I do think that asking the Palin/Fey question is wrong; there should at least be a possible way for the person to answer it right.  If given a multiple choice test, you can’t have the correct answer be “the respondent must object and state that it is ‘none of the above because it was actually a person not on the list'”.

Just call me Stumpy!

Sarah Palin votes in jeans.  I just have to say it: she is so much hotter dressed as a normal person than she is glammed up.

As I write this, Obama’s winning.  It’s depressing and unless Obama falls in love with being President we are in for a rough four years.  Of course, as that article argues, McCain’s presidency with a Dem-led Congress would have been pretty bad anyway.  The only reason I wanted McCain to win, apart from McCain’s bad judges being better than Obama’s worse judges, was to have Palin preparing for 2012.

I want a Palin presidency.  Badly.  This year, Romney was the best of the bunch and he was still only a “pretty good” candidate.  Then the 10 gun-fighting rabbits took each other out (or in Giuliani’s case, shot himself in the foot with the starter pistol) and the low-lying tortoise who survived was convinced that this qualified him for the Olympic games.  I HAD to vote for McCain tonight, and no way was I going to not vote.  But until he picked Sarah Palin, I sure understood the desire of many other conservatives to just stay home.

If McCain has lost, then surely some will convince themselves that McCain’s choice of Palin is what sank him.  [UPDATE: He has lost, and commenters are already saying this.]  Anyone concluding that is nuts.  Palin is the only thing that kept this race close.  Palin should have been running his campaign, not getting handled by a bunch of fidgety image-brokers who wanted to make her beltway-acceptable.   Take Palin out of this race and McCain wouldn’t have even come close in the Popular vote.

The treatment of Palin deserves a buttload of post-election analysis and introspection.  A female candidate enters the race, and suddenly we’re told what her expenses were for new clothes, hair and make-up. Sure, $150,000 is a lot, but if we’re not told what Hillary, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Cindy McCain spend on the same how do we know it’s extravagant?  Of course, those are just the wives, but it’s hardly fair to compare Sarah Palin to guys who can get by with the same suits and ties.  And it’s worth mentioning that Sarah didn’t HAVE a fancy wardrobe already and needed one in order to not look unfashionable compared to the wealthy Michelle Obama.  I think the amount is ridiculous, but I’m a guy and I think what the women I know spend on clothing is ridiculous, too.  I don’t think any female politician has had her clothing budget leaked and held against her before.  Due to our stupid campaign finance laws, politics is now entirely the realm of self-financing millionaires, but when a middle class woman tries to enter the fray she suddenly has her clothing receipts examined.

While I’m on the subject: this middle class mom who lives in freaking’ cold Alaska and has three daughters decided to buy a used sun-tanning bed from a salon’s going-out-of-business sale…and somehow this reasonable luxury item is held against her in the campaign.  Did we see all of the other candidates’ entertainment expenses held up for ridicule?  Isn’t it very likely that the Palins have never had a vacation as luxurious as those taken by the Obamas, Bidens, McCains and Clintons several times a year?  Shall we start listing the multiple cars’ makes and models, motorcycles, boats, golf memberships, skis, vacation homes and polo ponies held by all of those?

Then there’s the snobbery of those who mocked Palin’s multiple colleges.  Sarah Palin’s biographer Kaylene Johnson was on Dennis Prager (be sure to give that a listen!) and her explanation of this was eminently reasonable: Sarah had to pay her own way through college!  Her parents didn’t have the money to send her and her siblings to school, so they all had to hunt for inexpensive options and raise the money themselves.  Sarah decides to go to college in Hawaii because, you know…Alaska.  So she and her Alaskan friends enroll in a Hawaiian college only to find when they arrive that the sandy beaches are on the other side of the island, so she eventually changes schools.  Later, she takes time off to raise more money to finish, and then decides to go somewhere else.  When you are poor and cannot justify traveling extensively, going to different colleges compensates a bit.

One of Sarah’s options for raising scholarship money was to compete in a beauty contest.  The mockery and hate which has been heaped upon her for doing so…largely by people who didn’t struggle to pay for college, who can’t even understand the limited opportunities open to a middle-class girl living in Alaska…well, it should seal off any argument that the liberals are full of compassion and empathy for the lower classes.  (Of course, anyone who remembers the Clinton era and the scorn aimed at Bill’s class of women knew that already.)

Ugh.  Obama has just won, and is now talking about “callused hands”.  Please.  The guy doesn’t know the meaning of the word!  Palin broke her hand hauling in seafood with her husband.  In an era when “Deadliest Catch” is big time TV, here we’ve got a candidate from the last real bit of frontier.  Alaska is where the spirit of the cowboys has gone, and yes, I think cowboys are good things.  I’m a conservative. 

Sarah Palin has had far more life experience than Obama and has yet to write one, let alone two, autobiographies.  Heck, when Obama was commissioned to write his first memoir, he grabbed his $125,000 advance and took a year to live in Bali in order to write it.  Bear in mind, at this point in his life, his biggest achievement was getting $125,000 and living in Bali.  (All right, to be fair he was given the advance because when he was elected the President of Harvard Law Review he had black skin.  If you are the President of Harvard Law Review and you have white skin, you don’t get $125,000, so make of that what you will.)  And at the end of the year, he still didn’t have a book because you can’t write a memoir based on a lack of experiences.  Jack Cashill makes a convincing case that Obama only produced his book because he had some help from an unknown ghostwriter whose name probably rhymes with Gilliam Pears.

Forget the snobs on the right and the left.  Sarah Palin is the Republican party’s future.  I never had the opportunity to vote for Ronald Reagan, having turned 18 in 1988.  Palin is the first Republican candidate in my lifetime for whom I could easily see myself knocking on doors, giving money in the hundreds and even (can’t believe I’m saying this) making phone calls.  If she runs in 2012, I will give up my evenings to hang out in the campaign office.  I will blog about her constantly.  I will write letters to the newspaper.

All my life, I have said that I’d have no problem with a woman president.  Just give me the American-born Maggie Thatcher.  Until Palin, I didn’t actually think it would ever happen.

Listening to the callers and the hosts on all the conservative talk shows, it’s clear that there is NO sexist resistance in the GOP.  Most conservatives would have sawn off a foot if they could have swapped Sarah Palin for the top of the ticket this year.  (At last, my subject line makes sense, eh?)

Election almost over

A fabulous video.  We should have had shortened versions as TV advertisements.  And they should have been running months ago.

All weekend, I have said one thing to my wife and co-workers: I want the election to be over…and at the same time, I wish we had six more months.  No, I’m not a glutton for punishment.  It’s just that media fecklessness has propelled Obama to the Presidency and it’s only now that we’re discovering so many things that should have been part of the national discussion for the last year.

Consider Saturday Night Live.  They’ve actually complained that they don’t know how to parody Barack Obama because he’s so, you know, perfect and dreamy and awesome.  For a while, all they could do was make jokes about how Obama’s Presidency is undeniable and so Hillary and McCain are just ridiculous for even kidding themselves.  Ha ha, so funny. 

They couldn’t perhaps make a joke about how his prepared speeches are so eloquent but if you ask him a question every other word out of his mouth is “uh”?  News of his oratorical excellence is greatly exaggerated.  I belong to Toastmasters International and I was disappointed to see that the latest issue praised Obama to the hilt for his ability to deliver his speech…which is odd, since every Toastmasters meeting we have a Table Topics session where we are asked to speak extemporaneously and there’s a grammarian counting every utterance of the words “uh”, “um”, “and” and “so.”  Obama would fail such a test miserably.  Why couldn’t they make fun of that?

Of course, the truth is that Saturday Night Live has always been very partisan and uses their comedy to actively support one candidate. I believe this has always been true, but it was nice to see Chevy Chase come clean in admitting that the SNL writers are working hard to bring down Sarah Palin.

So, nice of Chevy to admit the blaringly obvious. One has to wonder if anyone in the press will ever make such an admission in public.

My vow as a McCain-supporting Republican

The following is my vow, published the night before the Obama-McCain election.

I hereby vow that if Obama wins:

I will remove my McCain campaign bumper stickers shortly after he is sworn in.  I will not leave them on my bumper until Obama leaves office.

Even though we already know Obama betrayed his promise in order to gain a massive financial advantage over McCain, used massive illegal foreign donations to fund ACORN and similar organizations which have choked the polls with errant registrations, and though he could never have reached election day without the appalling assistance of 98% of the media, I will never refer to the election as “stolen” or a “coup d’etat”.  Massive voting problems should prompt future reforms, not invalidate the election.  No matter how dirty the election, he will still be my President.

I will never own a “days until Obama is out of office” countdown calendar.

I will never pass on every verbal stumble as proof he is a moron, or buy books or calendars asserting such.  (Granted, despite the man’s utter inability to speak without a teleprompter, no one will ever make such an assertion or assemble such a book because he’s a Democrat.)
Caveat:  Joe Biden is fair game.  It is wrong to conclude someone is a moron purely because of verbal stumbles that we all would make if called upon to speak for hours every day.  However, Joe Biden is clearly a moron.

I will not adopt a cutesy insulting nickname for Obama and use that whenever referring to him in order to avoid calling him the President of the United States.  I’m not Steven Grant.

Despite Obama’s lack of all experience and his veep having served 30 years as a Senator, I will never accuse him of being a puppet of his veep or of any other Democrat handlers.  He has his own agenda and I will let him own it.

I will never call Obama “Hitler” or a “Nazi,” even though his agenda is socialism and he would thus deserve the label more than Bush ever did.  Similarly, no pictures or photos will ever be digitally altered to give him a Hitler mustache.

I will not find some animal or inanimate object that Obama resembles and then call him that or assemble photos of him beside that thing.

I will not celebrate any lying photographer who cons Obama into unflattering poses and then creates mocking pictures of him on his/her personal site.

If any organization affiliated with Obama is enriched due to the direction of the country under Obama, I will not insist that Obama’s motivations are wholly to enrich that organization.

If Obama makes reasonable, logical statements that are backed up by the information known at the time, but these facts prove to be incorrect, I will not call him a liar.
CAVEAT: If Obama says things that he knows are untrue, I will call him a liar.
NOTE: This is pretty likely to happen given that it already does happen.

I will admonish any right-wing blog which dismisses Michelle Obama for being a woman, or which photo manipulates her image in a sleazy way.  I will not adopt any kind of rude nickname for her, or hold her up for mockery for anything unrelated to political statements which she makes.
CAVEAT: Michelle Obama is likely to be a politically active First Lady and will go on to say many, many more dumb things.  These are fair game.  So are things like her complaining about spending thousands on music lessons while still pretending to be one with the commoners.

Obama’s daughters are totally off-limits.  If they do something stupid, I will admonish any blogs which gossip about them.  Their parents are in politics; they aren’t.

I will not demand Obama’s resignation or impeachment for making decisions that are consistent with being President.

Obama will take office while the War on Terror is still going on, and unless he is even dumber than he appears to be I can only assume he will take some steps to fight terrorism, regardless of what actions he takes in the current fronts of the war (Iraq and Afghanistan).  I will not assume that Obama’s every action in this is a malicious move towards oppressing the American people.

If Obama, too, fails to capture Osama bin Laden, I will not assume he is not trying.  (If he cuts the military budget and pulls back our forces, of course, he clearly would not be trying. Such valid conclusions would still be permissible.)

Finally, the big one…and probably the only resolution that will take any real effort:

Obama’s judges, U.N. representatives, cabinet officials, diplomats, etc. are his to appoint.  If elected, he is the President and he does not have to appoint people who are ideologically acceptable to Republicans.  Even if they had the numbers to do so, the Republicans should not resort to the underhanded Democrat tricks like threats of filibustering or leaving posts empty for years just out of spite.  This is going to be a bitter pill to swallow, but I will remind myself that the President has the right to appoint qualified people who are in line with his thinking.  Most people would say that turnabout is fair play, or even that Republicans need to learn to quit rolling over on judges and be as nasty as Democrats when it comes to this… and I know that Democrats aren’t going to learn anything from examples of good behavior.  Let’s try to look at the positive side: Obama’s likely to nominate people so radical that they can be legitimately disqualified.

Oh yeah:

I will never threaten to move to Canada because Obama is taking our country to Hell in a handbasket.  And not just because moving to Canada makes no sense if you’re fleeing Socialism.  I love my country and I will work for Obama’s loss in the next election when I vote for Sarah Palin.

Should things ever become so dire under Obama’s Presidency that I would have to leave the land that I love to flee to Australia, I will not threaten to do so.  I will move and then verify my change of residency with a photo of me in front of that weird horseshoe crab opera house or the big rock, and only then will I elucidate why I felt compelled to do so.

I hope all Republicans will join me.

In this vow, I mean.  (In Australia only if it comes to that.)

We need to lead by example.  Had America’s Democrats ever taken a similar vow, we would be living in a far healthier country.

Vote against Obama because of the truth, not smears

So my father-in law passes along a heavily-forwarded e-mail about how Obama hates the national anthem and wants to replace it with “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing”. 


Unfortunately, as soon as I saw the thing about his wanting to replace it with the Coke jingle I knew it wasn’t true.  Granted, it’s mixed with a lot of true things he HAS said (his hesitancy about saluting, wearing flag pins, patriotism, etc.) so I can totally understand why people are willing to believe it.  But yeah, it’s baloney.

Many people want to paint these stupid faked smears as an organized Republican campaign of attack.  That would require that the Republicans had an organized campaign.  I have not seen any such evidence.  I think most/all of these ridiculous smears are the work of cranks.

Because who needs to make stuff up to come up with frightening, disturbing stories about Barack Obama?  Indeed, any truly organized campaign could have focused on drilling home one point:

President Obama gets to appoint new judges and justices.    That’s enough reason to vote against him right there.  It doesn’t matter if he’s so awful, so extremely liberal, that it prompts a conservative reaction that makes 1994 look tame.  The damage will already have been done if President Obama appoints the next generation of judges.

Liberal members of the Supreme Court have been hobbling along way past retirement age, just waiting for a Democrat president to appoint their replacement.  Plus, many Federal judge spots are empty, the courts backing up because Democrats will not allow Bush to appoint judges.  My entire life has been spent waiting for Carter appointees to get off the bench already, and President Obama will appoint some who will be on until I retire.

That’s enough reason to not vote for Obama.  Not his lack of an American birth certificate, not whether he’s an undercover Muslim, not even true stuff like his illegal alien deportation-avoiding aunt who illegally donated to his campaign.  None of that matters.  Judges who will be deciding what the Constitution means.  They matter.

Vote against Obama because of that.