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What’s happening with Monitor Duty?

Here’s what’s going on: I’m trying to install Monitor Duty to and then have that be the content for That would seem a very simple procedure, but it’s not. The domain being a subdomain is causing complications, and … Continue reading

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I noticed something about the latest Lost episode

Did you catch that Hurley was reading the Spanish version of “Y: The Last Man”.  On the original flight, he was the one reading the Spanish version of “Flash/Green Lantern: Faster Friends” which featured the polar bear. Y: The Last … Continue reading

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Inauguration 2008 vs. 2000

Something arrived in my inbox. The only thing I’ve changed in it is that it was written the day after the inauguration, so I removed the references to “Yesterday”. Inauguration Day 2008: Outgoing President George W. Bush quietly boards his helicopter … Continue reading

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Maybe they could kick in for this trillion in spending?

Michelle Malkin puts it well: Does anyone know how to pay taxes in the Obama White House? It is bad enough that they’re proposing a trillion dollars in Democrat pork projects, but it seems as if most rich Democrats aren’t … Continue reading

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