Get a FREE COMIC from me this weekend at Wizard World Chicago!

I’ll be at Wizard World Chicago on Saturday, August 11th.  I need to find a new artist for Metro Med, plus I’ll be feeling out publishers for the book when it is ready.  My plans are to wander the hall talking to publishers and reviewing the portfolios of anyone I see carrying one.  You have to find me.

Here’s the deal: find me.  Find me and you’ll get a FREE COMIC BOOK!

All you need to do to get the free comic is come up to me and say, loud enough for people around to hear you, “METRO MED IS THE BEST COMIC BOOK I’VE EVER READ!”

(“Your comic book is the best comic book I’ve ever read!” is also acceptable.)

How can you identify me?  I’m a chubby guy, buzz cut hair (where I have hair) and I’ll be tugging around a blue tote crate.  I may have some Metro Med or Fanzing clothing on, but no promises.  Check out my picture on my ComicSpace and mentally picture me without the “bad Spock” goatee.

Approach me.  Don’t be shy!  It doesn’t matter if I’m eating or even talking on my cell phone.  (You MAY want to wait a few minutes if I’m talking to Dan DiDio about doing a book for DC.)  Just say the phrase that pays and you’ll get a comic book worth up to $6.

One per person/family.  Valid as long as supplies last.

If you happen to see the portfolio of a good artist looking for some modestly-paying work, please send them my way.  If you are a publisher willing to consider publishing Metro Med, contact me.  Thank you!

Michael Hutchison, writer of Metro Med, the hospital for superheroes.