Chewie is out of surgery

Chewie’s anesthetic started around 4PM, and Dr. Corbin called at 4:10 to give us a final preliminary report before she started.

At 7PM, she called us to let us know that his surgery went well.  While they had him open, they did a test of a tiny scrape of his liver.  The liver had appeared a different shade than it should be when they did the sonogram of the area, but it could be any number of reasons, and cancer would show as a dark mark or marks on the liver instead of a completely different shade.  The little pin test they did caused more fluid than they expected (again: low platelets, so he is not clotting normally), so they really didn’t want to have to do a biopsy unless they had to.  With the kidney removed, they closed him up.

It doesn’t sound like they had any excessive problems due to the low platelets, but he will probably have more bruising than a normal dog would.

We don’t know yet when he will be coming home.  His behavior in the morning will be the best indicator, and they will call us tomorrow morning.

Our schedules are all up in the air.  Melinda and I don’t often have weeks this full of appointments, but this week our calendar had something scheduled every night.  Contractors coming to give us estimates for bathroom remodeling on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Taxes on Thursday.  Now all of that had to be rescheduled.  (I canceled the contractor who was coming tonight, saying, “You don’t want to be here during all of this drama… and the dog’s surgery means we won’t be redoing the bathroom for a while anyway!”)  Melinda had been so lucky to get an appointment with our accountant at 5PM on a Thursday in February; now that we had to reschedule, the next opening is in April!

I’m taking Friday off from work, because either we’ll be picking up Chewie or he’ll be home and I’ll monitor him.

No pictures today, but I’ll have some when we pick him up.

Thank you to everyone who has written us notes on Facebook or e-mailed us.  Thank you to my parents’ Bible Study class that prayed for Chewie this morning.  Thank you to all of our understanding co-workers.

Oh, drat.  Just as I was about to hit “Publish”, I got an e-mail.  Thursday is the TeeFury Grab Bag day!  I have been waiting for that.  What a time to have all my money tied up in dog repair.


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