That wage question

The sad thing is that the “women earn 72% of what a man earns for the exact same job” factoid is peddled by professors of women’s studies who earn the same amount as for a professor of something useful like astronomy.

Wind Power’s Greatest Danger is Profitability

Painful debate tonight, just because I hate hearing the candidates accepting the stupid premises of the average joes in the town hall style forum. I would have preferred that Mitt Romney say, “If business owners can really hire a woman to do the exact same work for only 72% of a man’s wages, then women is all they’d hire. They’d save a bundle. But that’s just the nonsense that you learned in college from a women’s studies professor who would be out of a job if she admitted it’s all statistical malarkey.”

Of course, Romney can’t say that. Conservatives would be glad he got the truth out there and made people reconsider this old factoid… but Romney’s job is to win undecided votes, not to be right but lose in November. That’s the same reason he has to say that wind power is good.

I like the idea of wind power, but it’s still unprofitable. It only works with government assistance (like solar, The Volt and ethanol). If wind power made any economic sense, no government interference in the market would be needed. On top of that, they kill so many bats and birds of prey, including protected animals and American bald eagles (no longer Endangered, but we can’t afford to waste them).

If Exxon Mobile built wind turbines that killed bald eagles and falcons for huge profits, it’s the only thing the Left would ever talk about.

Did the Democrats ever apologize for creating the KKK?

Back circa 1865-1875, the Republican party and America’s black population shared a renaissance. The Republican party, having prevailed in the Civil War (and with most of the Democrats in the South out of power while Reconstruction began), passed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, along with a score of civil rights laws banning segregation and the like. Had these been properly enforced, America’s Blacks would have had a long battle of fighting entrenched racism, but would have done so from positions of power (in Mississippi, the population was 600K Black to 500K white, and in Florida it was 50-50). Also, racism would have withered away far sooner, since it’s hard to maintain ideas that Blacks are subhuman when you are interacting with them in desegregated classrooms, restaurants, railcars and the like.

For a brief, shining moment, there was real progress. Blacks were elected to local, state and national office. Congress saw the first Black Senator and Congressmen…all Republicans, by the way. The Black vote was 99.999% Republican, not just because Republicans had been founded as an anti-Slavery party, and a Republican President signed the Emancipation Proclamation, and because Republicans had signed the 13th Amendment ending slavery with only 23% of the northern Democrats supporting it, but because the Democrats were quite open about their support for slavery and then later their intent to “…keep their feet on the necks of the black race” as the main purpose of the party. (Lest you think that quote was from some random Klansman: it’s from the Democrats’ presidential candidate, Horace Greeley.) At the 1868 Democratic Convention, one of the honored delegates was Nathan Bedford Forrest, a general who massacred Black soldiers who surrendered during the War (burning them to death, burying them alive, drowning them and more) and then went on to be the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan!

A Black campaign worker for Mississippi testified to Congress that he had wandered the entire state and found ONE out of 600,000 Blacks who was a Democrat. If you were Black, you were Republican, pure and simple. The idea of a Black voting Democrat was an absurd proposition.

Unfortunately, the nation’s 100th birthday also brought the Democrats back into power, and with that all of the progress was squelched. Blacks still officially had the vote, but their ability to vote was suppressed. No, not by the demand for a photo ID that is open to any and all people to easily procure! Goodness, what a bunch of ninnies. No, we’re talking VERY OBVIOUS forms of outright voter suppression. The polling places for Blacks would be moved at the last minute. Or voting would require a multi-step process where Black voters had to visit several polling locations before their vote was considered. Or they’d have to pass a “literacy test” that required very arcane knowledge to pass. They’d be required to pay a poll tax that was out of the reach of the destitute former slaves. New laws would be passed that only children of past voters could vote. Districts were stripped of their power via complex gerrymandering. Oh, and if by some miracle a Black man navigated the many prohibitions and was able to cast a ballot, he would find a white man with a shotgun resting his heels on the ballot box, saying, “Ye’d bes’ be votin’ Democrat, nigger!” Thus identified as a “radical” (i.e. Republican) voter, many black Republicans found themselves visited later by some people wanting to introduce him to a piece of rope.

The Democrats would also run around the gravesites gathering names for false votes. Okay, not all forms of Democratic voter disenfranchisement ended in the 1960s.

The Black vote being suitably suppressed, the Democratic Party thus began their dominance in the south for a century. The Democrats weren’t “dominant” because they were popular! It was because the Black Republicans couldn’t vote at all and the white Republicans could do very little. White Republicans in office couldn’t push for the rights of Blacks because of the K.K.K., which identified them as troublemakers as well. Of the 4,743 people lynched, 1,297 were white.

The Democrats thus began the Jim Crow laws and the strict policy of segregation, holding back all African-American progress until the 1950s and 1960s. At the turn of the Century, it was Republican Teddy Roosevelt who invited Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House, while Democrat Woodrow Wilson showed the film “Birth of a Nation” about the rise of the Klan.

Today’s leftists love to claim that, since the Republicans were “progressives” and “radicals” back when they formed, they’d all be left-wing Democrats today. They claim that Lincoln would be a Democrat, and all of those racist Democrats would be Republicans now, since conservative means “don’t change” and they didn’t want the racist South to change. That’s why Republicans are strong in the south now, you see. It’s all the racists flipping to Republican.

A couple problems with that. First, when did this change happen? In the 1950s, it was Democrats standing in schoolhouse doors and siccing dogs on the protestors, while Republican Eisenhower (the supposed epitome of the boring Republican white 50s guy) called out the National Guard. The Democrats were the ones with Klansman politicians like Robert Byrd. Sure, there’s Democrat David Duke who flipped to Republican, was heavily repudiated by the Republican party, and who later supported Democrats and Cindy Sheehan…but if you insist, I’ll give you that one.

Yet late into the 20th Century, the Republicans were still supporting civil rights more than Democrats did. When the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act of 1968 came up for a vote, the Democrats had the numbers to pass it themselves without a single Republican vote…but couldn’t come close. Only 2/3rds of Democrats voted for it, while 83% of Republicans supported it. Of Democrats who supported it, like the openly-racist L.B.J., many did for reasons of political expediency. Blacks were voting Democrat in the north, and the writing was on the wall for the ability to exclude Blacks from voting in the South.

But more to the point, parties stand for principals. They issue platforms of their beliefs. Want to claim Lincoln’s yours? Isn’t there far more evidence that the rich, tax-cutting, commie-hating J.F.K. who believed “a rising tide lifts all boats” would be a Republican by today’s standards? Shouldn’t you take the Title IX-passing Nixon? We can do this all day long. But all of those candidates were in synch with the general direction of their party at the time, as stated by their party platforms. Want to grab the candidate as yours based on how a certain issue has moved to a different party today?

The racist Democrats of old have a lot in common with the Democrats of today. The dead voting, for one. But let’s look at Jim Crow laws. A meddling government law that requires a business owner to put in twice as many bathrooms, with twice as much plumbing, and the owner has to bear the expense? That sure sounds like Democrats. How about laws that say one paying customer has to be told where to sit, no matter how the business owner feels about it? Meddling Democrats again. Twice as many civic water fountains, taking up twice as much space and more plumbing, even though such doubling is a tax burden? Sounds like Democrats.

Okay, enough teasing. Here’s the point.

The reason Republicans suddenly grew strong in the South is not because of race, but because of every other change the Democrats have engaged in. It used to be that you could be a Democrat and be a gun-loving, crime-hating, anti-abortion Christian who loves the military. Since the 1960s, the Democrats have become openly hostile to all of those things (while still denying it come election time, when suddenly the effete city liberal is transformed into a big shotgun-wielding turkey hunter).

Someday, I’d like the Republican Party to get the Black vote back. I’m so certain it’s a possibility, that I’m pretty sure that’s why the Democrats go so overboard on the racist charge when there’s not a shred of evidence for it. It’s a big house of cards with only one joker card as the base.

For more on this:
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The Party of Civil Rights
Yes, the Party of Civil Rights

A short bit about FoxNews

I was posting this in reply to yet another Facebook post by somebody else about FoxNews as though it’s a joke of a network and mocked the “Fair and Balanced” slogan as all are wont to do in such posts… and I didn’t want to lose it. It’s certainly not an “everything that can be said about the matter”. I can’t say I’m making the best lawyerly case for FoxNews. I just want to lend some perspective to a liberal-leaning friend who may not understand why FoxNews exists.

FWIW, I am more than willing to admit that FOX News tilts conservative, obviously so in their entertainment/discussion shows in the evening. That said, “Fair and Balanced” is not the same thing as “unbiased”. I’m conservative; that doesn’t mean I can’t try to be fair and even-handed.

FOX News fares well in comparison to all the other news channels and shows. I remember the Pre-FOX era when all there was was blatantly left-leaning networks claiming to be unbiased, but only inviting one conservative guest to balance three liberal (but never named that) guests, and how little they’d get to talk. Back when I had FoxNews, I thought they did a much better job of having adequate numbers of conservatives and liberals and giving them time to speak even if they disagreed. (Look how many times Bill O’Reilly will let a liberal he disagrees with have the last words before going to commercial.)

I am willing to admit that it probably never looks adequate enough to some on the left.

I agree with Todd’s comment, BTW. (Todd said: “Journalism 101: EVERY news source is biased to some degree. Just filter the bull[honkey].”)

I wish all commentators had to just tell us who they voted for and what they believe, and then we could evaluate accordingly. Dan Rather constantly claimed that he was middle of the road. He also stated he didn’t know ANYONE who voted Republican! Walter Cronkite was “The Most Trusted Man In America”, but when asked if he could run for President because of this, he told the interviewer, “Wait until they find out I’d go door to door to grab every gun…”

That’s why FoxNews took off like a rocket. For 50 years, we were constantly told that our press was unbiased, and all along conservatives chafed at the news reporting. Then Fox comes along, essentially a flip version of the rest of the media (though actually more “balanced” as I noted above), and liberals have a hissy fit as though nobody had ever shown any bias in the news before!

I hope that helps you to understand the other side just a little bit. I’ve talked too much. Good night!

The Minnesota State Bird

Wow! I just saw a Minnesota loon! Riding a bike at 9PM on a dark night, no lights, no reflectors, dark clothes, going down our unlit hill in the center of the road at high speed with his left hand on the handlebars and his right holding a cell phone to his ear and carrying on a conversation.

My Diet Tools

UPDATED August 2011: I fixed the links for the blender to go to the revised model.

These are the things which have helped me to lose 30-35 lbs. in 2009.

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Walking our Labradoodle, Layla, is what got me started losing weight and getting fit back in June. After a few months, I was down 10 pounds and in much better shape. Dog-walking has turned out to be excellent for weight loss because you HAVE to do it every day. No escaping the fact that even in the lousiest weather, the dog would like to go around at least one block, if not more. It helps that with Layla and Chewie, the standard poodle we bought as Layla’s companion in October, the dogs are so strong that they pull me along! (I now understand how just a few huskies can haul a sled, a person and hundreds of pounds of gear.)

I bought an Escali scale because it was guaranteed to be accurate even for large people. Most bathroom scales get wildly inaccurate if you go much higher than the upper 200s. This one was guaranteed even above 400 lbs (way beyond what I weighed), and it measures your body fat and your fluids. I love it and highly recommend it.

I then joined Weight Watchers for the first time in my life. I wish I had done that a decade ago. The digital scale, books with point values for food, pocket points calculator and daily food journals have helped me gain control of my over-eating. (The pedometer, not shown, gives me the value of points I’ve earned in fitness each day.) A membership to Weight Watchers pays for itself, since you save the $10/week just in groceries that you’re not eating! Most of the W.W. merchandise is a lot cheaper if you’re a W.W. member and purchase it through the organization.

Finally, my early Christmas present: The Oster Counterforms 2-in-1 blender. Get this one. Seriously, click that right now, unless you already have an excellent blender. I researched blenders far and wide, and was quite surprised how many lousy blenders with cheap parts there are. Most blender reviews were split evenly between the people who loved them and those who complained about the 1 plastic part that breaks almost immediately. I was going to get the “Magic Bullet”, but I was amazed to read all the stories of cheap, broken parts. I know, I know, yours is probably working fine.

This blender had stellar reviews, and when I got mine I found out that they had improved it beyond how it was described on Amazon. It’s a 1000 WATT BLENDER! 1000 WATTS, not 600! All I do is add my smoothie ingredients and hit “frozen drink”; the blender then takes over, alternating the speed and direction until it’s well-mixed.

Here’s a trick I learned: Take the Weight Watchers chocolate smoothie mix, which costs less than a dollar. Add a cup of water (or milk) and then throw in 6-10 ice cubes (depending on their size). With the addition of the ice cubes, the end result is a smoothie that is indistinguishable from a Wendy’s Frosty…and it’s only 1 Weight Watchers point (or 3, with milk)! Let me tell you: A Frosty from Wendy’s is NOT a single point! You can throw in other flavors in small doses. Frozen slices of banana disappear into the chocolate smoothie; you can’t really taste them, they thicken the smoothie and you get a bit of fruit for the day.

Click my link and get that blender! I honestly cannot recommend it enough. For years, we had this cheap plastic Black and Decker blender that may have been from the early 1970s. It leaked, it was noisy, and it made lousy milkshakes. This little $70 blender gets used almost every day, because I have a sweet tooth and a pitcher full of chocolatey (or fruity) goodness will keep me from snacking on stuff that’s far worse.

Gutless SNL passes up comedy gold for pandering

SNL finally does a skit that’s in even the mildest way critical of Barack Obama, and CNN thinks it needs to be fact-checked for maligning the President.  And it’s not as if Saturday Night Live was especially devastating; it attacks Obama for not being successful at implementing left-wing strategies.

Here’s what really bugs me about SNL: They’re missing comedy gold.  I believe that SNL should judiciously mock every politician, and in the past they’ve managed to do so even when given a whole herd of Democratic and Republican candidates to lampoon.  1988 and 1991-2 were great seasons for that, with Ackroyd doing Dole (“George, how would you like this pen stuck right in your neck?”), Franken playing Pat Robertson, and an entire array of Democrats giving reasons they did not want to go up against Bush (riding high on the Gulf War at the time).
Kiefer Sutherland’s “I’m old…and I’m only going to get older” and Phil Hartman as Mario Cuomo saying “I. Have. Mob. Ties!” still make me chuckle.

Last year’s SNL was pathetic.  All they can find to do with Obama is jokes about how he is so awesome that they can’t understand why we’re even having an election?  Obama seems an excellent source of material, so long as you’re 1) not pulling your punches against the black candidate and 2) not in the bag for the left-winger because you love his policies.  Any fair impression of him would have “uh… uh… uh…” interjected constantly when speaking off the cuff, and beautiful speeches when looking at a teleprompter.  This isn’t even touching on his policies, total lack of experience, constant campaigning, etc. etc. etc.

This spring, when he was flying around the world kissing the butts of dictators and apologizing for everything America has ever done while spurning our allies and handing out crummy gifts, I kept waiting for the awesome SNL skit that would result.  Something like this:

AIDE: Mr. President, may I present the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev.
DMITRY: Hello, Mr. President.  I would like to give you one of Russia’s greatest treasures: one of the original Faberge eggs.
OBAMA: Oh, wow.  That is amazing craftsmanship.  Thank you very much.  I don’t know if you heard…I got in trouble recently for some of the gifts I gave out.
DMITRY: Yes, the iPod for the Queen of England…
OBAMA:  Right, right.
DMITRY: And it’s filled with all of your speeches…
OBAMA: Right, yes.  And so…
DMITRY: And then you gave England back that bust of Winston Churchill because you didn’t want it cluttering up your Oval Office.
OBAMA: Well, that was a mista–
DMITRY: Or that collection of DVDs? DVDS?  You think the Prime Minister of Great Britain hasn’t seen The Wizard of Oz?
OBAMA: I know, I know.
DMITRY: They don’t even play in European DVD players!
OBAMA: Dmitry, all I can say is that I learned my lesson.  You know, I tried, I made a mistake.  This time, I’m doing it right.  Here’s a $40 gift card to Hollywood Video so you can pick out the movies you’ll like.  Plus, to start you off, here are a few of my personal favorites.
DMITRY: Uh…Mr. President…even if I wanted to watch, uh, “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”…or uh, “Problem Child 3″… these aren’t going to play in my DVD player.  (He is escorted out.) Wait, this one’s all scratched.  What does “Previously Viewed” mean?

AIDE: Mr. President, the ambassador from Great Britain.
BRITISH AMBASSADOR: On behalf of Her Majesty and our Prime Minister, we would like you to have this.
OBAMA: (Opening the package.) It’s a… pen?
BRITISH AMBASSADOR: That is the pen with which the treaty of Ghent was signed ending hostilities between our countries after the War of 1812, and thus beginning the new phase of friendship that has endured ever since.  It has been preserved in the London Museum of History for almost 200 years, and now we hand it over to you.
OBAMA: Uh… No, that’s fine. Okay.  Well, for you we have an American delicacy.  Rice-a-Roni.  Ever been to San Francisco?  They invented it there, so there you go.  That’s something for you to take home and share with the other, uh, Brits. British people.  English people.
BRITISH AMBASSADOR:  I… thank you, Mr. President.  Sure, I’ll try some Rice-a-Roni.
OBAMA: Oh, it’s not made up.  You have to supply the butter.  It’s in this box.  See, it’s rice…and (reads the box) uh, uh, vermicelli, uh, and it’s mixed up in this box with like some seasonings…
BRITISH AMBASSADOR: I KNOW WHAT RICE-A-RONI IS! We see it on your American game shows all the time!  Honestly, we give you an historic item of international significance and, and, like Don Pardo, you just give us a year’s supply of Rice-A-Roni?
OBAMA: I didn’t say anything about a year’s supply. A box, you get one box.  It’s a year’s supply if you take very small bites and have some good Tupperware.
BRITISH AMBASSADOR:  This is an outrage.  Give me back the pen!
OBAMA: Where’s… does… hey, does someone have the… we don’t have the pen.
BRITISH AMBASSADOR:  What do you mean, you don’t have the pen?
OBAMA:  I think I gave it back to you already.
BRITISH AMBASSADOR:  Of course you didn’t!
OBAMA:  Well, I don’t know. It’s a pen. You know how it is with pens.  Now, if you wouldn’t mind?
(The ambassador leaves in a huff.)

AIDE: Mr. President, may I present Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan.
HAMID: Thank you, Mr. President.  As a token of our esteem for the sacrifices which your troops have made for our freedom, the nation of Afghanistan would like to give to you this twenty foot statue which you can see from this window.  Called “The Purple Fingers of Freedom”, it was crafted by our finest metalworkers from the remains of Taliban rocket launchers.  Please accept it with our blessings and our endless, undying gratitude.
OBAMA: (sniffs) Thank you.  I’m sure we can find a storage space for it somewhere.  And for you we have this…
HAMID: A package of Twinkies?
OBAMA: Well, one Twinkie.

AIDE: Next.  The Ambassador from Australia.
AUSTRALIAN AMBASSADOR: G’day Mr. President.  We found this rifle owned by a private collector.  This is the rifle that killed Crispus Attucks and sparked the war that led to your independence.  We present it to you.
OBAMA: Thank you.  (Aide whispers in his ear.) Before the Secret Service has a word with you about the wisdom of bringing a rifle used to kill a black man into the White House, I’d just like to give you this Shamwow.

AIDE: The new Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.
NETANYAHU: Mr. Presid–
OBAMA: Let’s keep this quick.
NETANYAHU: Oh.  Uh, well, here. This is a gift from one free, demo-
OBAMA: Hey, it’s a watch. (Slips it into his pocket.)

NETANYAHU: Actually, that watch belonge-
: And here’s an iPod Shuffle with the audio versions of my two books.  Bye.  How we doing on time?
: We need to speed things up for your speech.
OBAMA: Just keep them coming, pop pop pop.

AIDE: The Prime Minister of Lithuania.
PM: A bottle of our finest wine that won the gold medal in 1938.
OBAMA: Here’s a bag of Oreos. Sorry it was opened.
AIDE: King of Spain.
KING OF SPAIN: Sword carried by Christopher Columbus.
OBAMA: Sweater I wore in college.
AIDE: The King of Canada, I think.
“KING”: A newly-discovered Edgar Allen Poe manuscript.
OBAMA: “Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders” for DOS on 3.5 floppy disks.
AIDE: Ambassador from Poland.
POLISH AMBASSADOR: Screen door from our first submarine. I’m kidding. It’s a Van Gogh painting we found in a Nazi mansion.
OBAMA: Here. Temporary tattoos of the Powerpuff Girls.
AIDE: French Ambassador.
FRENCH AMBASSADOR:  A working time machine.
OBAMA: Complete works of Tracey Chapman. Got it off of Limewire. Just copy it off the jump drive and give it back.
BRITISH AMBASSADOR: Are you sure you…
OBAMA: We don’t have your pen!

AIDE: Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
OBAMA: Oh wow.  This is a real honor and a pleasure to have you here. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you could make it.  Just…wow.
AHMADINEJAD: I didn’t know I was supposed to bring anything.  No one told me.  I mean, no one ever invited me to anything before.
OBAMA: Please, forget about it.  You’re our guest.  For you, though, I have a real treat.  It’s an advance copy of my new book, “101 Reasons That America Sucks.”
AHMADINEJAD: Didn’t Howard Zinn already write that? Hahahahahaha!
OBAMA: Hahahahahaha!  Well, please, have a seat.  You’ll be at my table.  No preconditions!  Hahaaa!
AHMADINEJAD: Oh, Mr. President!  Ha!
AIDE: Ambassador from New Zealand.
NZ AMBASSADOR: The Lord of the Rings box set.
OBAMA: Whoa. That’s kind of a lame gift.  What, did you just hit the gift shop at the airport?  That’s so rude.  I almost think you don’t deserve this snowglobe of the White House.

The Adventure of The Dental Mouthpiece

Several years ago, my old dentist pointed out that I had ground my incisors flat. Where most people have nice protruding incisors, mine are even with the height of the rest of the teeth. I had never realized this. What’s worse, no dentist had ever pointed this out before. Years and years of check-ups, and every time the dentist would tell me that I had great teeth and I was taking care of them so well. Suddenly, my incisors are just dulled flat forever and no dentist ever saw this coming?   I asked him how this happened.

The dentist said it was due to my grinding my teeth.  In a bizarrely accusing manner, he asked, “Why are you grinding your teeth?”  In his mind, I must have planned all this in order to annoy him.  Yes, I admit it, every day I take a leisurely stroll down to Silver Lake Park where I take great delight as I merrily grind my teeth for hours on end.  “This will teach that stupid dentist!  I will do whatever I want with my teeth!” I say between protracted sessions of rolling my mollars together.  What a yutz this guy is.

Obviously, I wasn’t aware I was doing it.  It’s probably happening when I sleep.  Ah well, it’s too late to save my teeth now.  They’re ground flat.

Later, I switched to a dental office that wasn’t in a double-wide trailer.  (Don’t ask. It was Melinda’s old dentist.)  Zumbro View Dental is a wonderful dentist’s office, and my dentist Dr. Bhuttar pointed out that I was probably still grinding my teeth and the damage would continue unless I got a mouthpiece to guard against it.  One fitting and $700 later, I have this plastic mold that is custom-fit to my teeth.

Every night, I take it out of my toothbrush drawer, stick it in my pocket, go back to the bedroom to change into pajamas, plop the mouthpiece on over my lower teeth and sleep knowing that my nighttime self is not screwing my mouth up for the rest of my life.  In the morning, I take it off, brush it clean while brushing my teeth, and put it in the drawer.

And some mornings…I wake up to find I forgot to put it in and it’s still in the pocket of my pants.  Sometimes I don’t even realize this until I don the pants again and find the mouthpiece in the pocket.  (I change clothes after work and sometimes I’ve only worn the pants for a few hours, so they can be worn again the next day.)

This happened a few weeks ago.  One day in mid-July, I found the mouth guard in my pocket as I was racing off to go shopping.  Paranoid about hauling around this $700 item, I kept feeling for it to make sure it was in my pocket.  I went shopping at Target, bought mulch at SuperAmerica and loaded it into the back of the Saturn Vue, gassed up at the Sinclair station, went home and unloaded the Vue, hauling mulch out to our landscaped back yard and dumping it, and then turned in for the night.

No mouth guard.  Undoubtedly, it had caught in my keys or some other pocket item and fallen out.  I retraced my steps.  Called SuperAmerica and Sinclair.  Searched the house, the back yard and the landscaped corner, digging through the mulch.  No mouth guard.

The only bright spot is that I have ample money in my dental account to pay for another, but it irks me to do so because of my own stupidity.

Last week, Dr. Bhuttar made a cast of my mouth again.  (You can’t use the old molds, as they deform over time.)  I wrote out another $700 check.  Today, Thursday, August 6th, I went in on my lunch hour to pick it up.  It doesn’t fit as comfortably as the last one, but they’ll adjust it if they need to next week.  I brought it home and set it on the counter.

Melinda and I are Christians, although I think our true faith is in Murphy’s Law.  She pointed out that it is only now that I’ve paid for a new mouth guard and had it manufactured that the old one will turn up.  We laughed.

However, I am sure that’s going to happen sometime.  I’ll be out rotating the wood chips and there it will be on top of the landscaping fabric.  Or it will be found in the lawn when I run over it with the mower.

I brought home my new mouth guard at 1PM.  At 11PM, Melinda entered the office and said that she’d nearly had a heart attack.

She showed me my new case, which I’d left out on the counter.  I smiled, knowing what happened.  She had found it on the counter and thought she had found the old one sitting out in the open.

Then she extended her other hand.  There on her palm, no carry case, a tiny piece of the corner broken off… is my old mouth guard.  Not even half a day after I brought the new one home.

She’d been out watering the lawn.  Seeing the chip, I immediately knew what happened.  “I ran over it with the lawn mower?”

Melinda shook her head.

“Layla was chewing on it!”

That dang dog has been chewing on it like a toy for weeks!  Layla the labradoodle has only been in our home for less than two months, and I’m still too new a dog owner to even jump to that conclusion for a missing item.

FYI: Open air services for the First Church of Murphy’s Law are at 9 on Sundays when it is sunny out.

Piano we’re giving away

When we moved into our house in 2001, this piano was in the basement.  We really need the storage space, so we’re giving it away to anyone who will move it themselves.

We’ll have to saw off the old rusty railing on our steps just to get it out the door, but we were replacing it anyway.

Update: It’s gone. Yay!