Is Election Day meaningless?

I don’t like the very idea of early voting and/or voting by absentee ballot just because you don’t want to trouble yourself to do it properly on election day.  

Per Michelle Malkin: We’re seeing a lot of trouble with mentally handicapped and senior citizens whose “votes” are really just the multiple votes of the facilities that are caring for them, all filled out with helpful prompting and no oversight.  As this “vote early” stuff spreads, it’s going to lead to more abuse.

Just go to your polling place on Nov. 4th and vote, dang it!  Voting ahead of time is so encouraged by the Obamacrats because they’re afraid of people learning something devastating before Nov. 4. 

I think it’s a stirring feeling to go to your polling place and do your civic duty.  My guess is that patriots like to vote on Election Day proper and for them “voting early” is like opening Christmas Presents on December 3rd.  Thus, it would make sense that Obama is winning in “early voting” because more of the bulk of his voters are voting early while McCain’s voters will wait til Tuesday.

A new thought about Wright/Obama

Don’t you think there’s an overlooked aspect of this whole Wright/Obama froofarraw? Until now, we’ve all been wondering why Obama would stay in that church. Let’s look at it the other way.

Consider: Wright
hates “assimilationist” blacks. Conda”skeeza” Rice, Colin Powell…he even wants the multi-racial Tiger Woods to lose at golf for the crime of not calling himself black. Any “African” who gets along with other races seems to bug Wright to no end.

But Obama is fine by him!

The post-racial candidate that Obama sold himself as in the earlier part of this campaign seems the type of person that Wright would detest. What does it say about Obama that Wright has been fond of him for twenty years?

Thanksgiving in America

America Alone: The End of the World as We Know ItThis Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks to God for giving us Mark Stein and his latest column:

World should give thanks for America

His last book was one of my favorite Christmas gifts last year, and I devoured it hungrily.  If you haven’t read it yet, please please please check it out.  Mark is a humorous yet pointed writer, and this volume says volumes.

Boston and User Interface 12 Conference

I wish I could get my phone to talk to my computer.  (More on that later in a more boring whiny post.)  I’ve taken some cool camera shots of my trip, but I can’t transmit the pictures from my phone to a computer.

As I write this, I’m in the “Theory and Practice of Social Design” lecture by Joshua Porter of Bokardo Design. It’s interesting, though I have ample time for the mind to wander so I thought blogging might keep me from daydreaming.  I’m also browsing the web and working on a new logo for Scott Beatty’s redesigned site.  It’s an interesting lecture; it’s just not relevant to my work for Mayo.  Mayo’s not a social networking site.

So far, the most interesting part has been a discussion about how Amazon allows user reviews and why they would do that.  (People trust other people more than the official line from the manufacturer.)  Simply put, Amazon focuses on selling more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.  If you make bad stuff, too bad, it’s not Amazon’s problem.

Here’s a great quote by Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook: “The best check on bad behavior is identity.”  Dennis Prager had a recent column about the same thing.  If you had to identify yourself, would you engage in spamming, junk mail, comment trolling, false product reviews or giving rave reviews of your own work posing as someone else?

OK, back to the lecture.  He’s talking about the Zune, and why do people give of themselves in a social way by sharing music or sharing reviews.  Is it altruism, or self-interest as to how many people read their work?  On that note, be sure to write a comment on this post.  🙂

Hello, UI 12!

Yes, I just said Hi to you in Cameron Moll’s CSS Interface’s group.  Bet you didn’t expect this!

If you attended User Interface 12 in Boston (U.I. 12), please reply and drop me a note.

See my post below for the other things I do.

More content coming!

I’m working on upgrading the blogs at the moment.

Right now, Monitor Duty is giving me a lot of problems, and Powweb can’t seem to pin down the source of the problems.

Get a FREE COMIC from me this weekend at Wizard World Chicago!

I’ll be at Wizard World Chicago on Saturday, August 11th.  I need to find a new artist for Metro Med, plus I’ll be feeling out publishers for the book when it is ready.  My plans are to wander the hall talking to publishers and reviewing the portfolios of anyone I see carrying one.  You have to find me.

Here’s the deal: find me.  Find me and you’ll get a FREE COMIC BOOK!

All you need to do to get the free comic is come up to me and say, loud enough for people around to hear you, “METRO MED IS THE BEST COMIC BOOK I’VE EVER READ!”

(“Your comic book is the best comic book I’ve ever read!” is also acceptable.)

How can you identify me?  I’m a chubby guy, buzz cut hair (where I have hair) and I’ll be tugging around a blue tote crate.  I may have some Metro Med or Fanzing clothing on, but no promises.  Check out my picture on my ComicSpace and mentally picture me without the “bad Spock” goatee.

Approach me.  Don’t be shy!  It doesn’t matter if I’m eating or even talking on my cell phone.  (You MAY want to wait a few minutes if I’m talking to Dan DiDio about doing a book for DC.)  Just say the phrase that pays and you’ll get a comic book worth up to $6.

One per person/family.  Valid as long as supplies last.

If you happen to see the portfolio of a good artist looking for some modestly-paying work, please send them my way.  If you are a publisher willing to consider publishing Metro Med, contact me.  Thank you!

Michael Hutchison, writer of Metro Med, the hospital for superheroes.