At last…content! has been nothing but a placeholder for me for years.  I’ve wanted a blog but never had the time to devote to setting one up.  (As it is, this took the better part of a day!)

Some things you may want to check out while I’m getting the site kicked off and tidied up:

  • Metro Med, my comic book.  I’m the writer; I’m looking for a new artist.  I will be at Wizard World Chicago reviewing portfolios next Saturday.
  • Too Many Longboxes, my comic collection for sale on the web.
  • Monitor Duty, my newsblog about comic books and geek films.
  • I have a message board on this site as well.  Just installed this last week, same as this blog.
  • My T-shirts and other merchandise, including the Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Comic Books shirt.