How I Changed The World

I have loved Rifftrax for years.  Their Rifftrax Live project is a lot of fun, but my wife and I haven’t been able to see many of them because it’s always 60-90 miles to the nearest participating theater.  We did see the Starship Troopers one, but really, two hours of driving to LaCrosse and back is too hard to do on a weeknight.  Even after supporting their 2014 Kickstarter, I didn’t get to see the movies.

Finally, with their 2015 Kickstarter for “The Crappening”, I spoke up and asked why these three Minnesotans don’t do shows in Rochester.  Mere hours later, the local Cinemagic 12 did a Facebook poll to ask if there was interest in seeing Rifftrax live…and in light of the rapid happy response, they announced they’d be participating.

Let’s face it…it all happened because of me!  How cool is that?

Why didn’t I ask years ago?  Stupid, stupid, stupid!