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An Invidious Comparison

Last month, there arose a story that spread around the Internet like wildfire. Wait…wildfires don’t actually traverse DSL wires.  Rats.  Nor do hotcakes. Okay, I don’t have a good metaphor, but regardless…”The Bible” mini-series was a tremendous hit for the … Continue reading

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Gutless SNL passes up comedy gold for pandering

SNL finally does a skit that’s in even the mildest way critical of Barack Obama, and CNN thinks it needs to be fact-checked for maligning the President.  And it’s not as if Saturday Night Live was especially devastating; it attacks … Continue reading

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Why Barack Obama should not be antagonizing Israel

The President apparently needs more Jewish friends if this is somehow news to him.  Roger Simon: …But wait. This is not the good part. The good part is what President Obama said next. The good part is one of the … Continue reading

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Live by the teleprompter; die by the teleprompter

The Irish PM reads Obama’s speech, and Obama thanks himself because that’s what it said on the teleprompter. John Romano’s right: if this was George W. Bush, the video would be everywhere already.

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End of the fear-mongers?

How about that?! An orderly transfer of power. For the most part, I’ll be glad if the Bush-haters will just shut up now. With one exception: the people who said that Bush would blame a terrorist act (or cause a … Continue reading

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