Maggie Simpson speaks… and says WHAT?

Tonight’s episode of “The Simpsons” was about four stories of women in literature.  Usually, these “three stories” episodes are mediocre at best.  I think they started doing these right around the time that I fell out of love with the show.   I used to watch the show religiously.   Now, I find it boring at best and offensive more often than not.  Not coincidentally, the show got more pedantic around a year into the Bush administration.  Not ravingly mean like “Family Guy”, but pedantic. I don’t even watch the show unless it’s because I’ve turned on Fox in advance of “King of the Hill” coming on.

(An aside: I consider the jump the shark moment to be the episode where Lisa converts to Buddhism.  It’s unfunny and seems like little more than a commercial for Buddhism.  Contrast it with the hilarious episode where Lisa becomes a vegetarian: the message doesn’t sacrifice humor, and even with vegetarian guest stars it holds out the possibility that Lisa is in error.)

In tonight’s episode, Lisa tells a story about Snow White with herself as Snow White, and she is cured from her poisoning by a female doctor because she should not have to rely on a man.  (Like I said: pedantic.)  Marge tells the story of Macbeth…or rather, of her trying to get Homer cast as Macbeth in a play.  I missed the third story.  Finally, as they are wrapping things up, Maggie tugs on Marge and holds up her story: Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”.  Lisa moans, “Aww, isn’t that the book read by right-wing losers?”  I suppose that’s funny.  We’re then treated to a fourth story where Maggie is using building blocks to fashion amazing buildings in a day care center that punishes her for not being mediocre like the rest of the children.  The baby is finally put on trial, and delivers an Ayn Rand speech.  That’s right, Maggie speaks in the imaginary story, with the help of Jodie Foster.

Granted, this is an imaginary story that is out of continuity, but it would be funny if Maggie was actually as right-wing as her older sister is left-wing.  I’m sick of the only conservatives in Springfield being the villainous Mr. Burns, the insane Rich Texan, the murderous Sideshow Bob Terwilliger, Dracula and Dr. Julius Hibbert.